We Fully Support This TikToker Who Invited 50 Celebrities and Businesses to Her Wedding

In what can only be described as bold and beautiful, a TikToker mailed handwritten invitations to 50 celebrities and businesses. Here's who made the cut.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jan. 10 2023, Published 10:07 p.m. ET

McDonald's, Olive Garden, and Taco Bell
Source: Getty Images

McDonald's, Olive Garden, and Taco Bell

The internet can be a cesspool filled with the dregs of society all vying for the worst kind of attention. From bad takes to bigotry, right on down to petty fights, it sometimes feels as if it's the death destroyer of worlds. However, every once in a while, a hero rises from the flames like a phoenix resurrected. They're someone who has bravely pulled Excalibur from the stone, declaring themselves king of social media.

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Recently, a newly crowned victor posted a video to TikTok depicting herself inviting 50 celebrities and huge-name businesses to her wedding. Yes, she invited corporations and, in today's capitalist society, could anyone really be mad about that? While we check our mailbox, let's take a look at who made the cut.

Justin and Victoria Thorn
Source: Instagram/@victoriaa322

The brave TikToker (R) and her husband on their honeymoon

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Which celebrities were invited to the TikToker's wedding?

We should point out that while the TikTok video was posted on Jan. 8, it was labeled as something the original poster forgot to upload. User Victoriaa322, a self-described Disney adult, was actually married in July 2022. Unfortunately, there have been no follow-up TikToks regarding who came to her wedding, but at least we've got you covered in terms of who was invited.

The celebrities really run the gamut in terms of medium, popularity, and political views. A couple of them aren't even human. Don't try to hang your hat on any one kind of famous person because you won't be able to.

With that said, take a look who was lucky enough to receive an invite:

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What businesses were invited to the wedding?

We're inclined to believe that this was either a ploy for free gifts or it was an incredible joke. Either way, Victoriaa322 invited far more businesses than people. Look, you can always make more friends, but you should never turn your back on a Chalupa Supreme from Taco Bell, who was absolutely invited.

To name all of the corporations that were invited would be daunting, so we'll include just some of our favorites:

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The comments section of the TikTok was wonderfully supportive, with a few users wondering how Victoriaa322 obtained these physical mailing addresses. Hilariously, H&R Block's TikTok account replied with, "We kinda feel left out." But by far the best response came from McDonald's, who asked, "Am I a place or a celebrity?" Victoriaa322 replied with, "Celebrity!"

Fun fact: A couple of folks said they did the same with specific celebrities and actually got a response back. User miz_smilez invited Dolly Parton to her wedding and got the next best thing: an autographed photo along with a congratulations. Meanwhile, stinabird got her invitation back signed by Danny Trejo.

There's a lesson to be learned here. You miss 100 percent of the companies you don't invite to your wedding.

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