We all got up to some drunken antics we'd rather forget over New Year's Eve. But one image of the chaos, captured by photographer Joel Goodman, is taking the internet by storm. It has so far garnered more than 27,000 retweets and people are so overcome by the photograph that some have gone as far as comparing the scene to the work of renaissance artists. 


Roland Hughes, a senior producer for the BBC, was the first to take to Twitter and share photo that was taken during celebrations in Manchester, England.

Just to clarify, this is a pretty standard scene for Manchester. 


Within minutes, people were comparing the photo to a piece of fine art.


Some users even pointed out that the image fits the "golden ratio" of positioning in art.  


And some budding artists had a go at turning the photograph into a painting fit for the 17th century.


So beautiful. There's a place in the National Gallery for this beauty. 



I think we all know who the real hero of the photograph is, though. 


So of course, some of the art focused purely on this mysterious man. 


Truly the Mona Lisa of our time. 


Someone even decided to analyse the photograph as they would any other piece of art. 


Photographer Joel Goodman told BuzzFeed News that he's flattered his work has gotten so much attention and is being compared to renaissance art. 

“There are street photographers who regularly make art of these sort of scenes,” he said. “Why not? There are lots of different ways to photograph the same scene.”

h/t Buzzfeed