Sound Off: Guerdy Abraira Didn’t Have to Carry ‘RHOM’ Season 6, but Did It Anyway

In this “Sound Off” piece, I explore how Guerdy’s fight to “Guerd-ify cancer” made her one of the most authentic ‘RHOM’ stars.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Feb. 29 2024, Published 5:45 p.m. ET

For a show widely known by Real Housewives fans as the “stepchild” of Bravo, The Real Housewives of Miami will bring it season after season.

As someone who watched the sex scandals and unexpected family turmoil in the first iteration of RHOM and the shenanigans of its new run, I can confirm there was always something to discuss within the Florida ‘Wives group.

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Season 6 of RHOM, however, had its own uniqueness from past seasons. Guerdy Abraira was, without question, the bravest of them all. Throughout the bickering and resurgence of former cast members, Guerdy gave the world a front row seat to one of her darkest moments: getting diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer.

Guerdy’s mission to “Guerd-ify cancer” included enduring the drama from her cast as she dealt with her first and, prayerfully, only battle with the disease. And yet, the Haitian native served grace and impeccable fashions as she carried the show on its back all season long.

In this “Sound Off,” I will…

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Guerdy Abraira
Source: Bravo

Guerdy Abriaira’s breast cancer battle on ‘RHOM’ carried Season 6.

During RHOM Season 6, fans witnessed the unraveling of Lisa Hochstein’s marriage, Larsa Pippen adjusting to her controversial relationship, and Kiki Barth getting candid about her backstory. Adriana de Moura became a pop star, Alexia Nepola denied money troubles, Dr. Nicole Martin added to her family, and Marysol Patton was her unapologetic self.

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In November 2023, however, many tuned into how Guerdy, whom we met in Season 4 as an event planning entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two boys, would navigate the “C” word on reality TV.

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Though some Housewives stars, such as former Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp, and Mia Thornton from Potomac, had experiences with cancer, Guerdy was the first Housewife to battle her diagnosis while filming a season.

The Season 6 premiere opened with Guerdy being nervous about tests she took after her doctors noticed something on her mammogram. By the end of the episode, Guerdy confirmed she had breast cancer during a conversation with her husband, Russell Abraira.

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Guerdy’s friendship fallout with Larsa Pippen made her even more relatable.

Guerdy brought cameras along for the entirety of her health journey. I watched as she bravely told her sons, Miles and Liam, about her diagnosis and how she struggled telling co-stars and friends.

I also watched with rage as Guerdy confided to her supposed friend, Larsa, that she had cancer, only for Larsa to tell her two friends, Zana and Yami, about Guerdy's health at her boyfriend Marcus Jordan’s party hours later. Larsa then proceeded to tell Lisa, Kiki, and Marysol, though Guerdy had only told Larsa, Julia, Nicole, and Adriana.

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After being nonchalant about Guerdy’s personal health news, Larsa only worsened as a person as the season continued. In the season finale, she told a rightfully upset about comments Larsa made in the press, stating Guerdy is the queen of “fake tears.”

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During the co-stars’ fight, Larsa continued being a horrible friend by suggesting that Guerdy care for her health instead of arguing with her. Unbeknownst to her, Guerdy was preparing to start CHEMOTHERAPY the following day. Girl!!

Though the reason for their fight was unique to people living with cancer, Guerdy discovered the type of friend Larsa is— or isn’t — as she dealt with real-life trauma in her life. It’s just another way she carried RHOM!

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Guerdy’s authenticity is why she’s one of the ‘RHOM’ favorites.

Guerdy already had my vote for one of the best Miami housewives, if not across the Real Housewives franchise. I’ve always adored her personality, her relationship with her hubby and family, and how she’s been authentically herself since being on the show. However, in Season 6, Guerdy took realness to new heights, as few could be brave enough to share their health scares, surgery, and concerns about their future with a national audience.

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And, let us not forget, Guerdy, a Black woman, shaved her head on TV. In a society where some Black women still shudder at the thought of the world seeing their natural curls, Guerdy took matters into her own hands and stripped a part of her so Cécred (yeah, I went there) to our heritage.

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Because she’s such an icon, Guerdy has kept her bald look even though she announced she was officially cancer-free in October 2023 at BravoCon. Not only does she look amazing bald, but she’s well within her right to do anything she wants with her hair now.

Another reason Guerdy was so easy to root for this season was her ability to root for other women in her circle. Although fans know she and Dr. Nicole are BFFs, Guerdy’s relationship with Kiki is something audiences should pay closer attention to. Guerdy and Kiki, who are both Haitian, joined RHOM in Season 4.

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Guerdy explained on an episode of Carlos King’s podcast, Reality With the King, that some haters enjoy pitting her and Kiki against each other due to them being the only Black cast members on the show. However, rather than feeding into the drama, Guerdy said she and Kiki will always remain friends and shine in their own right.

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“One thing I’m going to say right now, and listen very clearly because this is for everyone,” Guerdy began on the podcast. “Why is it that when there are two beautiful, Black women on a show or in a room or whatever, and they’re the only two amongst other people of different races, why do we need to choose and say ‘oh her or her’ versus ‘her and her’?”

Guerdy went on to say she and Kiki use the comparisons to deepen their “sisterhood,” a move divergent from what is typically seen on reality TV.

A survivor, a woman with grace, AND a girl’s girl? You can never make me hate Guerdy!

The Real Housewives of Miami airs on Bravo on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST.

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