MCU Fans Assemble on Social Media to Share Hilarious 'Moon Knight' Memes

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Mar. 31 2022, Published 1:53 p.m. ET

Oscar Isaac in 'Moon Knight.'
Source: Disney Plus

Marvel's latest miniseries, Moon Knight, has finally arrived on Disney Plus, and fans can't get enough.

Based on social media reactions alone, it's clear that the premiere left quite the impression on viewers. From the ever-so-meek Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) stealing the hearts of millions to Marc Spector (also Oscar Isaac) preparing audiences for what's to come, there's plenty for everyone to appreciate.

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Now, in this day and age, most generations have one specific way to show their appreciation for the entertainment industry, and that is through memes. Who doesn't love a good meme or two? They convey brief messages in the most accurate ways — plus, you get to laugh, and we all know laughing is good for the soul.

So, without further ado, check out 10 hilariously accurate Moon Knight memes below!

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant using a flip phone in 'Moon Knight.'
Source: Disney Plus

Poor lad, he has no clue what's going on in his life.

Because of his DID, Steven is constantly grappling with his life; he never seems to understand what's going on around him and often gets himself into unnecessary trouble. Hopefully, things will become easier for our favorite Brit!

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Steven wanted NO part of the conversation through the mirror.

Once Marc emerges through the mirror at the museum and asks for control, Steven is mere seconds from passing out. Honestly, if we were in a similar situation, we would've reacted the same way, running for our lives and assuming it was just a dream.

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The Steven Grant fan club is here to stay in the MCU.

Following the first episode of Moon Knight, the Steven Grant fan club arose on social media, and it doesn't look like they will be leaving any time soon. He's so awkward and lovable, so how could anyone not want to root for him?!

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This sums up the 'Moon Knight' premiere pretty well.

When Marc starts interacting with Steven through the mirror, we're not going to lie — we were terrified. If you've ever seen Black Swan, then Moon Knight definitely gave you flashbacks to Natalie Portman's intense hallucination scenes.

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Steven did more running in one episode of 'Moon Knight' than we do in a year.

Poor Steven is just trying his best, but at least he's in decent shape to keep running from danger so often! If that were us, we would barely make it 10 feet before collapsing to the ground and gasping for air. So tragic.

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Even we knew the double-finned fish wasn't Gus!

Did anyone else immediately think of the Cheddar imposter from Brooklyn Nine-Nine when Steven notices that his goldfish suddenly has two fins? It's the perfect call back, and Steven reminded us so much of Holt during that moment.

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This is literally what happened in 'Moon Knight.'

If you haven't gotten around to watching the first episode of Moon Knight, here is the most spot-on depiction of one of the final scenes. There's nothing else to say except that we commend the accuracy and hope to see more tweets like this in the future!

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We must protect the Phase 4 animals at all cost.

Now, we know DC has the Legion of Super-Pets, but what about Marvel? Alligator Loki, Morris, Lucky the Pizza Dog, and Gus are four of the most iconic and beloved characters in Phase 4 so far — let's have them join forces and kick butt!

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Arthur Harrow is one peculiar individual.

The opening scene of Moon Knight literally shows Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) smashing a glass and later walking around with the sharp fragments in his shoes; yet, he has a look of fear when coming face-to-face with Steven. ... Make it make sense!

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We can all agree that Donna is the most annoying character.

The moment Donna (Lucy Thackeray) arrives on screen, she's a complete jerk to Steven. She's pretty mean-spirited, and we couldn't care less what happens to her; however, we hope she meets Marc one day, and he puts her in her place.

New episodes of Moon Knight drop every Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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