My family never had a Christmas tree growing up. To be honest, I always thought they were kind of silly. It’s just a big tree with lights, and ribbons, and glass. What’s so great about that?

I mostly stand by that line of thinking, but I recently learned there are all sorts of Christmas trees, and some of them are actually extraordinary beautiful and others are unbelievably impressive. 

This isn’t to say that I wish my house had a Christmas tree made out of people. I’m just saying that it would have been nice to have the option.  

  1. This glass tree in Venice, Italy.


  2. Europe's tallest Christmas Tree which resides in Libson, Portugal


  3. A metallic tree from Madrid, Spain

    Travel Oven

  4. The National Christmas Tree outside the White House


  5. A tree made out of a trees in Gubbio, Italy

    Life Hack

  6. The Floating Christmas Tree in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

  7. The tree at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany


  8. This lovely indoor tree in Paris, France

    Jason Whittaker

  9. The world famous tree in Rockefeller's Plaza in New York, USA


  10. A Lego tree in Sydney, Australia


  11. A wooden tree in Estonia

    huffington post

  12. A tree made out of people in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

    huffington post

  13. An upside down tree in Paris, France

    huffington post

  14. A tree made out of Umbrellas in rainy London, England


  15. A lovely fountain and tree in London, England


  16. Another beauty in London

    Camron PR

  17. This tree that I am pretty sure is inhabited by elves in Vilnius, Lithuania


  18. A very spooky tree in Syracuse, New York, USA

    Jody Grenier

  19. This tree made out of Disney Toys in London, England

    Instant Shift

  20. A purple tree from Warsaw, Poland

    Instant Shift

  21. This glass beauty in Taipei, Taiwan

    Instant Shift

  22. Four very impressive trees from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  23. A very original glass creation in Turin, Italy


  24. This private tree outside a residence in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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  25. A tree that causes giant snowflakes in Warsaw, Poland

    Travel Oven

  26. All the lights in Seoul, South Korea

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