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The Kids Who Crashed Their Dad's BBC Interview Now Have Their Own Show

By Aimee Lutkin

We all remember the most viral interview of 2017 so far, in which two adorable kids crashed their dad's very serious BBC interview on live TV, much to his chagrin. The hilarious way his daughter Marion sauntered in, followed by very determined baby James in a wheeley chair was just too perfect, especially as their mom rushed in to try and save her man from further embarrassment. Too late. The rambunctious kiddos had done their damage much to their father's embarrassment. 

Luckily, the family seems to have more of a sense of humor about it than that panicked reaction would imply. They've done plenty of interviews on the subject, and now they're even expanding into the world of fiction with a cartoon show. It's hard to get too mad at the kids cause the whole sequence was just too darn cute.

Robert Kelly, otherwise known as "Dad," tweeted out a promo for The Adventures of Mina and Jack, two kids who look remarkably like the ones from their viral video. The designs seem spot on for the duo.

The series was created by Lauren Martin and Jarryd Mandy, a couple who live in Williamsburg. They've started a YouTube channel that will supposedly have more episodes coming out soon, in which Mina and Jack help out their hapless dad as mom chases them through foreign cities. The promo shows the kids in North Africa, and according to Kelly, his cartoon stand in is "suitably dorky." Sounds like an absolute blast.