Who Is Banana Split on 'The Masked Singer'? Fans Knew It Was This Couple (SPOILERS)

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Dec. 8 2021, Updated 9:09 p.m. ET

Banana Split
Source: FOX

Spoiler Alert: The Group B final showdown revealed that fans knew all along who the Banana Split was. The couple under the costume was singer Katharine McPhee and producer David Foster. To see who else was unmasked, check out our running list.

The more we watch The Masked Singer the more we want to unmask everyone. The suspense is getting to us, even with the bunch of different clues that have been revealed so far. Fans are in a tizzy in comments sections over who could be behind the mask. So far, we've seen all kinds of entertainers on the show — singers, rappers, twitch streamers, reality TV stars, athletes, and more.

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In Season 6 of The Masked Singer, fans are getting a sweet surprise. A duo called Banana Split is taking the stage. But it's not the first dessert to be featured on the show. There was Ice Cream in Season 2 that was revealed to be Twitch streamer Ninja. And there's a Cupcake this season who was revealed to be Ruth Pointer.

So who is Banana Split? Here are the clues, the guesses, and the reveal.

The Banana Split on 'The Masked Singer' — The Clues

In a sneak peek special on Sept. 12, the network gave its first clue: a set of three red dice, each displaying a 2.

Another promo shows the Banana Split toasting champagne glasses at an outdoor restaurant of sorts, and shooting money guns.

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Banana Split
Source: FOX

In Episode 3, we got the following clues for Banana Split:

  • A silver medal
  • The Ice Cream quit their day job when they thought they'd found their big break, but eventually had to beg to get the job back.
  • A stuffed rabbit toy
  • "A collaborator"
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Source: FOX

Episode 6 brought another clue package for Banana Split. It contained the following clues:

  • A yellow house
  • A Song Recipe Cookbook
  • A First Aid kit with a red cross on it
  • A small globe
  • A heart
  • A potato masher
  • A plate with the word "Nothing" written on it
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Source: FOX
  • "The last time we worked together, it was a nightmare."
  • A toy bug (possibly a tick or flea)
  • "We bickered so much."
  • A bouquet of flowers

It's also worth noting that during this clue package, the judges commented that Banana and Ice Cream do not give off "couple" vibes.

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Source: FOX

During the Group B Semi-Finals, we found out that Banana Split plays the drums (in addition to the piano), and that one of them (presumably Ice Cream) dreamed about being a pop star. "But it didn't really pan out," Banana said. We also learned that the two are not pop stars as previously suspected. Here's the clue package from that episode:

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Source: FOX

The Banana Split on 'The Masked Singer' — The Guesses

Spoiler alert! Read on for who fans guessed and the big reveal.

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Stephen and Ayesha Curry, Katharine McPhee and David Foster, Derek and Julianne Hough
Source: Getty Images

Tons of people are saying that they believe Banana Split is married couple Katharine McPhee and David Foster. It's all over the comments on the show's Instagram posts and on Reddit, as well as the comments on YouTube videos about the duo. And we definitely agree. Katharine has musical experience, she's released albums, and it doesn't sound like Ice Cream is changing her voice when she sings on the show.

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But other couples like Stephen and Ayesha Curry have also been mentioned, and a few non-romantic pairs like brother-sister duo Derek and Julianne Hough have been theorized as well.

Here are some other names fans have been throwing around:

So, who is Banana Split on 'The Masked Singer'? The answer is…Katharine McPhee and David Foster!

One of the biggest clues (aside from Katharine's voice) was the dice displaying three twos. The couple's son was born on February 22. Katharine was also runner-up on the fifth season of American Idol, hence the silver medal.

Catch The Masked Singer, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

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