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This Museum Replaced All Of Their Artwork From Immigrants To Make A Powerful Point

This Museum Replaced All Of Their Artwork From Immigrants To Make A Powerful Point
1 year ago

Even though I was born in Paterson, New Jersey,  and my mother and father both immigrated to this country relatively young (3, and 16, respectively), I'm still treated as an immigrant. I mean, my name's Mustafa, what do you expect?

As a result, I commiserate with immigrants more, despite being an American citizen, born and bred. Despite the fact that I call myself an American whenever someone asks me where I'm from, despite the fact that I specify my parents are ethnically Albanian, despite the fact that pretty much everyone who's come to America immigrated from somewhere at some point or another.

And in today's socio-political climate, any talk of immigrants is sure to inspire a heated debate. That's why workers, businesses, and people are supporting immigrants all across America.

Like this museum that decided to pull down all of their artwork created by immigrants to make a powerful point.

The Davis Museum at Wellsley College in Massachussetts has protested growing tension and outrage geared towards immigrants by removing all artwork either created or donated by immigrants at the Museum.

Curators are either putting black clothes over cases and replacing the art with messages that read, "Created by an immigrant."

One of the most prominent pieces that's missing is a painting of George Washington.  The portrait was created by German Immigrant Adolf Ulrik Wertmuller, who came to the US in the 1790s. An immigrant family donated his painting to the Museum.

20 percent of the works in the Davis museum were either crafted or donated by immigrants, so the new displays send a clear message to visitors.

The positive impact immigrants have made, and continue to make, in this country are rarely recognized, and this is definitely a powerful way to draw attention to their importance in making America what it is today.