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Parents Demand Answers From Principal After Alleged 'Finger Licking' Punishment

Parents Demand Answers From Principal After Alleged 'Finger Licking' Punishment
Updated 1 year ago

Personally, I think that there are many forms of discipline kids experience that are basically child abuse, and there are some deranged adults who come up with some sick and twisted punishments that no child should ever be subjected to.

It's especially heinous whenever it's an adult who's supposed to be in a leadership position that ends up setting such a disgusting example for the children through their excessive punishments.

Like the Teague Intermediate School Principal who's come under fire for allegedly making 4th graders rub the floor with their hands and lick their fingers.

That's according to parent Adrienne Acosta, who heard about the cruel punishment from her son and posted about it on Facebook.

According to what Acosta's son says, Teague, Texas Principal Vicky Little found a bad word written on a wall. After no one fessed up to the crime, she had all the 4th grade boys walk into the school cafeteria.

"They were told to sit down. The principal told them the reason they were in there was because a bad word was written on the wall and that nobody would
admit to who did it. So she told them to sit down on the floor, to slap hands to each person that was next to them, to rub the floor in a frontward circular motion and then in a backward circular motion, and then to lick their finger,"  Acosta told KXXV-TV.

Other parents corroborated Acosta's story on Facebook.

Angry parents showed up at the school this past Monday morning to speak with Teague ISD superintendent Dr. Nate Carman and Principal Little.

Dr. Carman said in a statement regarding the meeting:

"We met with parents who came to the Intermediate this morning and listened to their concerns. The situation is still being investigated."

Parents are saying that Little admitted to having the children perform the act, which they were shocked to hear.

"No, I would not think she would do something. That's not the kind of person I've always seen her as. She did admit, and it shocked me, ... because we all looked up to her and we all know her, and that's not the kind of person she is," parent Latresha Phillips said to reporter Pattrik Simmons for KXXV.

As reported by KXXV, when reached for comment via email, Little responded with, "You will have to contact the superintendent. Don't believe everything you [hear] on social media."

KXXV also reported that the town is still waiting on an official statement from the District Superintendent. You can check out more of the story here.