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The Internet Is Worried About John McCain After His Confusing Comey Questioning


During today's Senate testimony by former FBI head James Comey, the last public questions went to Senator John McCain (R-Arizona). Up until that point, the Comey hearing had been tremendously exciting, but also filled with coherent statements that generally made sense. McCain's testimony--in which he repeatedly calls Trump "President Comey" and seems to confuse the Clinton email server investigation with the investigation into Russian's interference with the election--put an end to that.

 Attorney General Jeff Sessions also took part in a public hearing on Tuesday so that he could be questioned by the Senate about contacts held with Russian officials and his part in the firing of FBI director James Comey. It was a mostly ineffective hour long questioning as he mostly refused to directly answer and of the Senators questions on the matter. 

When it was time for Senator Kamala Harris to question Sessions, she stuck to her guns and demanded he explain why he was refusing to answer certain questions. Sessions got antsy, at one time exclaiming that Harris was making him "nervous." It wasn't a good look for the current Attorney General and it's a response that's surely going to upset his often rage-filled boss, President Donald Trump.

People on the Internet were confused—and concerned.