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Source: dailybuzz

A Fox News Commentator Just Demanded That People Apologize To Hillary Clinton -- Yeah, You Read That Right

By Collin Gossel

If there are three things we understand about this world, it's that the sky is blue, the grass is green, and Fox News leans conservative. But Juan Williams, a commentator for Fox, just authored an op-ed which claims Republicans should be apologizing to Hillary Clinton. “When will Republicans drop the partisan games and apologize to Hillary Clinton?” William wrote. Williams noted that Clinton recently had made a controversial point about the election, but that she had a point. In a New York City forum earlier this month, Clinton commented: 

If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president. 

Republicans mocked Clinton for the statement, saying she should have taken more responsibility for running a bad campaign. 

But Clinton recently found support from the man who beat her: President  Trump. The president fired FBI director James Comey last week, ostensibly for violating policy when, despite clearing Clinton of any crime, he still went on national television last summer to condemn her as a “careless” public official.

The scandal surrounding President Trump's firing of James Comey has spiraled out of control, culminating in the appointment of a Special Prosecutor (Robert Mueller) to investigate ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Williams believes the time is coming when Republicans will jump ship to save their own jobs, and that the first thing they'll have to do to distance themselves from the pariah in the Oval Office is apologize to Clinton.