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Norway Rallies To Fix Famous Rock Shaped Like A 'Troll Penis'

Norway Rallies To Fix Famous Rock Shaped Like A 'Troll Penis'
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1 year ago

Norway is a beautiful company with tons of things to do and see, but a very special landmark attracted visitors from far and wide: the Trollpikken. That's Norwegian for "troll penis," and it referred to a particularly knobby rock formation in Eigersund. Last Saturday, a local was traveling past the proud erection of rocks, when they noticed that Trollpikken was gone. Someone had cut it off the face of the hill:

Citizens and people discovering the Trollpikken for the first time are all equally enraged:

Heaven is a place on earth....or...it used to be, before someone smashed it 😱

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This is a travesty:

This isn't a natural loss of strength over time, either. Someone clearly took a drill to the Trollpikken, according to The Huffington Post. What insecure freak with a power tool couldn't handle the competition??


Posted by Trollpikken on Saturday, June 24, 2017

The upside of the down rock is that the people of Norway are banding together to get Trollpikken back in working order. The country has already raised $20,000 on a crowdfunding site, about one third of the estimated cost to helicopter the detached piece up and screw it back on. That's a lot of money, but if it were yours, I bet you'd pay it.

I'm more worried about security. You don't cut off a troll penis unless you have a serious vendetta against phallic rocks. Someone is going to have stand by that thing day and night—but it does seems like there will be plenty of volunteers.

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