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Source: Instagram

This Model's Instagram Photos Are Getting Roasted By His Toddler Nephew Online


This is New York-based model Aristotle Polites. He's gained over 50k followers on the popular social media platform.

He's a super babe, right? Hard to disagree there. It's why he's made such a following for his pysique and fitness filled Insta.

But even very hot models have family, and your family is probably the group least likely to ever respect how sexy and famous you become. To them, you're just family. Which means you're not immune to the typical ribbing that any family gives each other. In fact, Bored Panda reports that Polites' sister, Katina Behm, has built an entire Instagram account around trolling her bro's serious pics. She just dresses up her toddler in the same photos and lets the comparison stand for itself. They're just way too good not to share, almost even better than the real thing!

Can you send me this pic in color? Bro, it is in color. 📷 @cthomasphoto #pasty

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