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Melania And Donald Finally Held Hands, But Twitter Has A Few Problems With It

Donald and Melania Trump have been flubbing the hand-holding game in a big way lately, but recent images prove the two are working on it. There was the time in Palm Beach that she tried to hold his hand and he gave it a nice appeasement pat before dropping it. Body language experts had fun with that one.

Then there was #MelaniaSwat

They kicked off their time in Rome with an awkward hair-swipe-to-back-pat combo but take heart, the pair did actually manage to hold hands more than once. After #MelaniaSwat (but before the infamous combo), the two held hands on the tarmac.

Twitter wasn't buying it.

The two also held hands while touring the Sistine Chapel. Twitters reaction to that wasn't much better.

People weren't shy about sharing their thoughts on the pic.

Several people took a jab at 45's past flubs and habit of name-dropping.

After much analysis, Twitter has cast their vote. 

Hand-hold, you're fired!