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This Museum Replaced All Of Their Artwork From Immigrants To Make A Powerful Point

By Mustafa Gatollari

Even though I was born in Paterson, New Jersey,  and my mother and father both immigrated to this country relatively young (3, and 16, respectively), I'm still treated as an immigrant. I mean, my name's Mustafa, what do you expect?

As a result, I commiserate with immigrants more, despite being an American citizen, born and bred. Despite the fact that I call myself an American whenever someone asks me where I'm from, despite the fact that I specify my parents are ethnically Albanian, despite the fact that pretty much everyone who's come to America immigrated from somewhere at some point or another.

And in today's socio-political climate, any talk of immigrants is sure to inspire a heated debate. That's why workers, businesses, and people are supporting immigrants all across America.