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The Internet Is Worried About John McCain After His Confusing Comey Questioning

During today's Senate testimony by former FBI head James Comey, the last public questions went to Senator John McCain (R-Arizona). Up until that point, the Comey hearing had been tremendously exciting, but also filled with coherent statements that generally made sense. McCain's testimony--in which he repeatedly calls Trump "President Comey" and seems to confuse the Clinton email server investigation with the investigation into Russian's interference with the election--put an end to that.

People on the Internet were confused—and concerned.

The Washington Post, luckily, had a writer try to make sense of McCain's questioning.

But even the analysis is mostly like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. "Was he arguing that Comey should publicly exonerate President Trump before the Russia investigation is finished?" the Post analysis says. "Was he arguing that Comey didn't investigate Clinton vigorously enough? Was he arguing that the FBI applied different standards to the two candidates? It's hard to say, but McCain seemed to be trying to blunt the effect of Comey's testimony about President Trump."

But the Internet seems to have figured out how President Trump can solve this weirdness.

Update: McCain released a statement claiming he was "up late watching the Diamondbacks night games."