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Clown Carrying Machete Attempts To Hitchhike On California Highway

Clown Carrying Machete Attempts To Hitchhike On California Highway
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1 year ago

One of the first things we are taught after getting our driver's licenses is to never pick up hitchhikers. There's lots of creeps and weirdos out there. Take, for example, this machete-wielding clown trying to hitch a ride in California. 

You're probably thinking to yourself that you would never pick up a machete-wielding clown. Here's the interesting thing, though. That's what everyone thought and literally no one picked him up. 

Police were called and handcuffed the clown, 61-year-old Larry Allen Tovey. However, Tovey was quickly let go and not charged with anything, because nothing he did was illegal. The Monterey County Police Department explained why in a Facebook post. 

Dressing up like a clown is perfectly legal, so they couldn't charge him for that. Even holding a machete in public is perfectly legal. Machetes are classified as tools, so he doesn't need a license to have one, or even to publicly display it. If would have been illegal to use the machete in a threatening manner, but no one has said they felt threatened.  

The police department explained that they need a victim in order to make an arrest. 

Even the red liquid on the machete turned out to just be red dye. So without any testimony or forensic evidence there was very little for the police to do. Tovey even managed to pass on the on-site psych evaluation, so they couldn't commit him, either. 

It is worth noting that the investigation is still ongoing. But you should probably stay away from all clowns you see on the road, just in case. 

 [h/t Huffington Post] 

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