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Clown Carrying Machete Attempts To Hitchhike On California Highway

By Zachary Brenner

Clowns have been the cause of one too many nightmares for millions, perhaps billions of people worldwide, and you can't blame them. Between the menacing laugh and the really odd makeup choice they made, it's no surprise that they've been antagonized in movies for decades and actual real-life criminals that have terrified entire communities for as long as they've been around. Back in 2016, the clown craze resulted in nationwide panic as people shared their clown-spotting videos all over the internet which ended up helping fuel the mass-hysteria surrounding the bizarre occurrence along with a bunch of parody, spoof, and prank videos that became just as viral. It was a crazy time for everyone and we never really got an explanation of who those clowns were or why they decided that popping in and out of the woods in a menacing fashion was going to be their thing for a few months.

One of the first things we are taught after getting our driver's licenses is to never pick up hitchhikers. There's lots of creeps and weirdos out there. Take, for example, this machete-wielding clown trying to hitch a ride in California. 

You're probably thinking to yourself that you would never pick up a machete-wielding clown. Here's the interesting thing, though. That's what everyone thought and literally no one picked him up. 

Police were called and handcuffed the clown, 61-year-old Larry Allen Tovey. However, Tovey was quickly let go and not charged with anything, because nothing he did was illegal. The Monterey County Police Department explained why in a Facebook post.