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Source: gettyimages

Ivanka And Jared Are In Big Trouble Over A Few Big Things They Didn't Tell The Government

By Collin Gossel

When you're thrust into the limelight, each and every one of your public interactions, hobbies, and essentially anything that makes you you, is taken apart and dissected in the public eye. Not a problem for those who really don't have anything to hid, but for those who were accustomed to hiding in plain sight, they might realize that their newfound status has stripped them of a few of the perks they enjoyed while they were still private citizens, especially when they're tied to one of the most important and most powerful leaders in the free world.

Kushner's lawyer attributes the omission to Jared and Ivanka collecting art for pleasure rather than business: 

Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump display their art for decorative purposes and have made only a single sale. 

The White House rules on disclosing art collections are a little bit hazy, and depend on whether you intend to sell the art, or simply want  to look at it. According to the Office of Government Ethics, "if the art is intended for investment purposes and is worth more than $1,000, it  should be disclosed."