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Kellyanne Conway Got Destroyed By Matt Lauer Over Michael Flynn's Resignation

Kellyanne Conway Got Destroyed By Matt Lauer Over Michael Flynn's Resignation
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Updated 1 year ago

It seems like we can't go two days without an epic scandal, cover-up, or major screw up from President Trump's administration. From almost everything that's come out of Sean Spicer's twitter account, to Donald Trump's POTUS account being linked to a regular old Gmail, allegedly not reading the executive orders he's signed, to the controversy surrounding Steve Bannon's NSC placement, (despite having zero intelligence or military experience), the list of blunders goes on and on and on. 

But the Trump staffer who seems to get the most flak is Kellyanne Conway. Her blatant lie about the 'Bowling Green Massacre', a terrorist attack on US Soil that never happened, didn't curry her any favor. Now it's starting to look like she's been put in front of the firing squad again in an interview with Matt Lauer. 

Seeing her try to explain Michael Flynn's departure as National Security Adviser after saying just yesterday he enjoyed the full confidence of the President.

The interview, is a bit hard to watch, even for people who dislike Kellyanne. 

Some people on Twitter think that this latest failed interview is the end of Kellyanne Conway's political career.
Others want to know why Trump isn't answering this very important question, as the National Security Adviser position is kinda important.
Others think that Conway's barely holding on.
A lot of people want to know why the National Security Adviser decided to up and resign overnight.

It seems strangely coincidental that Flynn would leave his position just when a controversy bubbled around the retired general's lies about his contacts with a Russian Official. 

And some are just downright horrified that Trump's ties to the Kremlin have been confirmed by Flynn's resignation.
Some are calling Flynn's involvement with Russian officials "treasonous".
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