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Syrian Refugees Name Baby 'Justin Trudeau' After Canadian Prime Minister

By Aimee Lutkin

Afraa and Muhammad Bilan welcomed baby 'Justin Trudeau' into their family on May 5th, after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed them to Canada in February 2016 as refugees from war-torn Syria. It was a huge day for the family that wanted to commemorate them being 'saved' by naming their child after the Canadian Prime Minister. The Star reports that baby Justin's full name is Justin Trudeau Adam Bilan, and he is joining his older siblings, Naya and Nael, who made the trip with their parents from Damascus. A pretty awesome family:

🚦Baby Justin Trudeau is born again 🚦 الطفل جستن ترودو ولد اليوم في مدينه كالغري An Exteme Sign of Appreciation and...

Posted by Sam Nammoura on Thursday, May 4, 2017

Afraa Bilan explained the naming decision to reporters, and yes, it's because of their deep gratitude to Prime Minster Trudeau for welcoming them into the country during their time of need. “We love this man, we appreciate him,” said Bilan. “He helped a lot of refugees. He’s the reason we are in Canada.” Powerful words from a family who are clearly happy to be in Canada.