The Daylight TikTok Challenge Is Spreading Positivity Among Creators

The Daylight TikTok Challenge is the newest trend to hit the social app. It's helping creators become more positive on the app. Details inside.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Feb. 24 2021, Published 5:47 p.m. ET

nick syaf
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In the age of social media, TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most-used apps. Since the platform allows users to create short-form videos that span a wide-range of topics, you can pretty much find anything that you’re looking for on the app. 

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And while many people utilize social media as an outlet to overcome personal struggles, TikTok has become a great resource. Users are able to connect with millions of individuals through videos and can even find support. So, it’s no surprise that the Daylight TikTok Challenge has become a hit with users on the app.

So, what is the Daylight TikTok Challenge?

It’s super common to come across TikTok challenges that are often coupled with some of the hottest songs on the charts. And when it comes to the Daylight challenge, it’s inspired by Joji and Diplo’s song with the same title.

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The song discusses the feeling of being hopeless at the end of a relationship and going through all the motions. However, with the TikTok challenge, users are putting their own spin to it by highlighting their insecurities and personal struggles to the melody of the song.

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Once the beat of the song picks up, creators share how they’ve overcome certain obstacles and say how much they love themselves throughout it all. In other words, the Daylight trend can be looked at as a self-help tool to help users feel better about themselves.

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Not to mention, it also helps creators realize that they are not alone in their struggles — which is something that most people feel. And that revelation is powerful within itself.

You do the Daylight TikTok Challenge by first talking about your struggles, then sharing how you've overcome them.

The beauty about TikTok is that you can make the thousands of challenges your very own. And while it’s important to follow the central idea of said trend, it always helps to add your own flair into the mix.

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To kick things off, you’ll want to start the video with a gloomy or sad feel. This is when you’ll talk about your anxiety or struggles that you’re dealing with. It's also a great idea to play with lighting to add a bit of drama to your video.

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Once you get to the second half of the video, you’ll want to appear upbeat and happy. After all, you’ll be sharing with your followers how you’ve overcome your personal struggles — and that's something to definitely be happy about! You can even switch things up and incorporate different photos of yourself.

And the challenge continues to grow by the minute. Since it's all about uplifting yourself and others, views on the challenge have reached 12.1 million and are steadily growing. 

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TikTok star Asad Motwah (asadmotwahh) got candid about people making fun of him for chasing his dreams. However, he kept pushing forward despite the hate and was able to build the lifestyle he desired. 

TikToker Nick Syaf (onlynicksyaf) talked about battling social anxiety and being able to see past his insecurities and become a more confident person. 

While most TikTok challenges come and go, it's safe to say that this one may stick around for awhile. Not only is it a great way for people to see how far they've come in their journeys, it also gives other users hope that they can overcome anything with faith, persistence, and time.

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