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Source: Vatsal Kataria

This Guy Creates Miniature Versions Of Places He Sees In His Dreams

By Zachary Brenner

Dreams are just weird.  Sometimes, it seems like you are seeing the future, and other times you say to yourself, umm what is wrong with you?  Either way, dreams have this spiritual feeling that while the body is getting its needed rest, a different side of the mind takes over and decides to entertain you or scare you it seems.  Movies like Inception and Nightmare on Elm Street only further dive deep into the weird world of dreams and make you think even more.  I would love to know the true motive and meaning behind dreams and I really think they have a very large part to do with someones regular day to day life.  It is a mystery that I doubt will be solved for a while, but is fascinating nonetheless.  Unless, of course, we are already in the Matrix and this is just a dream world, in which case our dreams inside the dream world just made it even weirder.  

If  you're anything like me, you forget your dreams the moment you wake up. That seems to be the case for must people, but not Vatsal Kataria. He is photographer from India who not only has vivid memories of his dreams, but goes and recreates miniature versions of them.