There are few things in this life happier than dogs' personal Instagram accounts. When life gets you down with work, stress, and responsibility, you can always look over at a four-legged furball snuggling a kitten and generally being a pure and wonderful creature. 

Now, there is some fierce competition out there for the greatest dog Instagram account, but one particular critter really won our hearts recently. 

Meet Mojito, a 3-year-old Golden Retriever who is all about toys. 

This lucky pupper's toy dependence is enabled by her loving owner. "Mojito has tons of toys ... way too many," Kim Downie, Mojito's mom, told The Dodo. "She insists on picking one out every time we go to the store."

Well, how are you supposed to say no to that face?

In fact, she can usually be found hanging out in her pile of plush friends. 

Someone must have been a VERY GOOD GIRL. 

Sometimes, she even shares with her siblings. 

She as raised right, after all. 

As if things weren't adorable enough already, Mojito has the cutest bedtime routine. Each night, before she comes upstairs for bed, she picks out one new toy to bring with her. 

Downie  has documented the adorable tradition, along with Mojito's other adventures, on Instagram. And, not surprisingly, they have over 58,000 followers.

The toys, however, stay upstairs until the pupper is good and ready to bring them back down. 

"If we move them back downstairs, she will carry them right back up," Downie said.

Yeah, it's almost too much cuteness to handle. 

This bedtime routine has gone one for about a year and a half, and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

We all have our habits, right?

"She is very specific about what she chooses to take to bed. She will search the house and empty her toy boxes until she finds whatever one she is looking for," Downie said. 

...Yeah, mom. It's not like she's gonna sleep with the elephant two nights IN A ROW.

Mojito has all kinds of furry friends. 



Many of her toys are thanks to her monthly shipment from Barkbox. Is anyone starting to notice that Mojito lives a markedly better life than we do?

Some are animals...


...And some are just comfort foods. 

And she knows a thing or two about comfort, as she just became a therapy dog. 

We're just glad this goofy, toy-obsessed pup has furry friends to keep her company while she dreams. (h/t the dodo)