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High School Student Pranks Whole School By Hiding F*** In Yearbook Cover Drawing
1 year ago

High school was a magical time for me. Not just because I was experiencing the wonderment of puberty first-hand and trying to figure out just who the hell I am (spoiler alert: I still have no friggin' clue).

It was magical for me because it seemed like there was no greater calling in life than planning and executing a perfect practical joke. And the best practical jokes were the ones that not only trolled your friends, but got the school administration involved too. 

If you could get the principal to say something stupid over the loudspeaker, awesome. If you could draw a lewd picture on eraser board with permanent marker, and then make it innocent by adding shapes and lines with erasable ink, mad props. 

And then sometimes, people really put some thought into it and go above and beyond your average prank.  

Like how this high school student trolled his entire graduating class with his yearbook cover is the stuff of legends. 

He managed to expertly hide the word f*** in his class yearbook. Couldn't spot it yourself?  See below for highlighted version

This guy was a ninja with hiding it but when its highlighted everyone can see the masterpiece.