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These Insane Facebook Posts Will Make You Want To Go Off The Grid Forever

One of the best things about social media is that it gives a voice to everyone. One of the worst things is that it gives a voice to everyone. While I am sure that everyone has thoughts and feelings they'd like to express, that doesn't mean they should. The world is already a crazy enough space without people shouting their madness into the world for everyone to see forever.

Here's a tip. Before you post something, ask yourself: Would a crazy person post this? By asking yourself this question, you have already shown a sense of self-awareness that probably means you are fine. If you can't take a moment to ask yourself this, please stoping posting things online.

Oh, who am I kidding? That's never going to happen. 

Take that, science!
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The evidence is right there!
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This is just a normal part of being in a relationship, right?
My friends boss was murdered by his girlfriend yesterday. This was a comment on the post by the local news. from insanepeoplefacebook
Entitled, much?
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I know it isn't the point, but I hope you aren't a tutor for English.
Yes I am a pervert from insanepeoplefacebook
What are you talking about?
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I hope this is a joke from insanepeoplefacebook
New mom asks for advice about cars from insanepeoplefacebook
Starts out fine, then gets insane...
Father - Daughter time from insanepeoplefacebook
The candidate to make burgers more expensive!
One of my neighbors is running for public office. He uses every single opportunity he sees to endorse himself, no matter how inane. from insanepeoplefacebook
Sure you are!
The persecution of Christians during the Obama administration was a nightmare from insanepeoplefacebook
Spell check is your friend.
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You know Mark Zuckerburg can see this, right?
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Yeah, I remember my first time having sex, too.
Finally found something worth contributing. from insanepeoplefacebook
You know it is legit because it has a watermark.
Was not sure where to post this. Girl on my Facebook thinks tilapia doesn't exist in the wild from insanepeoplefacebook
I know you can't see the name, but I can tell you, he isn't the biggest star in the world.
Went to high school with this person. He had signed a small record deal a few years ago. from insanepeoplefacebook
Ha! All you idiots think the Earth rotates.
A guy I know from university - Earth has to be flat apparently from insanepeoplefacebook
Those poor children.
She wants to name her daughter Aimeigh Leigh (pronounced Amy Lee) and her son Dudeson from insanepeoplefacebook
Well, that came out of nowhere.
Plants have genitalia thus you are eating meat
There has to be a better time and place for this.
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Wow. Good find.
On my local Craigslist Facebook page (xpost from r/screenshots) from insanepeoplefacebook
It's cool. He said "God Bless."
I disagree with you, so I hope your children die from insanepeoplefacebook
It just keeps going and going and going...
Glorious insanity
This is not normal...
He "is" committed or he "should be" committed? from insanepeoplefacebook
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Should we be concerned?
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They seem like a good couple.
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Even better than liberal tears, right?
Liberal scalps from insanepeoplefacebook

So much crazy, so little time.