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These Funny Literary Typos Will Make Your Favorite Books Even Better

I am someone who makes a lot of typos. (Sorry, editors.) There are a lot of reasons for this. My fingers are dumb, I don't know how to spell, and I am not very good at proofreading. Hell, one time I didn't get a job because I put down the wrong phone number on my application. 

There is the temptation to say I should just give up on being a writer because I make too many mistakes for it to ever happen, but here's the thing. Sometimes little mistakes can lead to great discoveries. Penicillin was discovered because a scientist didn't bother to clean his tools. And, yes, I do think that accidentally typing "teh" is just as important as discovering penicillin.  

Back me up here, other writers. 

Cool. What's your number?
We would never have that here.
He has his work cut out for him.
Just the one though.
I've seen white ducks. Who cares?
It was a rough time for everyone.
Literary royalty
Everyone already knows you are bald.
Spring break! Woo!
We are all fatties.
Smells like a barn.
It was very quaint.
He lives a simple life.
We're not talking!
Letters no longer make sounds.
Needs hours of training before you can not talk about it.
Sounds fun!
I think we all know which is which.
Ayn Rand approves.
Where did all these legs come from?
This is a very funny subject matter.
More charming this way
Can't see this fart.
The novel that inspired Breaking Bad
Yes. Please.
Oh. Cool. I guess.