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These Old School Photos Will Show You New Ways To Have Fun This Summer

Kids these days, am I right? What with their iPhones and whatnot. When I was your age, phones had buttons... Except for the ones that didn't. They were called radial phones. Look them up! And look at you now. You are all too busy on your phones to enjoy summer properly. We used to know how to enjoy summer and looked damn fine doing it. 

Back in my day, if you wanted to have fun outside, you would have to go outside. You couldn't just Google pictures of people hiking. You had to do that yourself. 

If you wanted to go swimming, you had to go swimming. We didn't have fancy bathtubs, like you kids. 

And if you wanted to go on a bicycle, that bicycle went places. No spin classes for us! 

So, if you want to be real cool this summer, take note. 

Road Trip!
On the way to the Summer Jam at Watkins Glen NY in 1973. from OldSchoolCool
We made our own beach.
Summer fun in Sacramento, Ca 1979 . Me and my siblings from OldSchoolCool
See, kids? This is why you should play outside.
In summer 1980 my Dad took this picture of Mum and me. from OldSchoolCool
They don't make men's bathing suits like they used to.
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Grandma is shredding.
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How else do you expect us to cool down?
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I assume this is from a music video about a car.
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Grandma was a beach babe.
My grandma in the dutch dunes, summer 1954 from OldSchoolCool
Babies used to be way more stylish.
Summer Vacation
Didn't you ever tell your parents not to drink and swim?
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In 1969, every week was Fashion Week.
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First usage of "Talk to the hand."
Summer of 1960- My Grandpa caught smiling at a woman that is not my Grandma. He was quite the flirt in his prime. from OldSchoolCool
Oh. Hey. I know those people.
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A sweet summer breeze.
Hot town, summer in the city...
Everybody did it.
How I spent every summer in New York City
Clothing from yesteryear and clothing from today.
Three girls in summer wear, c.1940 [x-post from /r/TheWayWeWere] from OldSchoolCool
He owned all these cars.
My Father in Law, Summer of '69
We used to scuba dive without gear.
My Father in the Summer of 1958 getting ready for a dive. from OldSchoolCool
Everyone got in on the fun.
The Lower East Side, summer, 1937 from OldSchoolCool
Is it just me, or does it look like they are holding iPhones.
Summer dresses in the '50's.
Family trip.
My Mother (smallest pictured), her 3 siblings and my Grandmother going to a summer Omatsuri in Asakusa-bashi, Tokyo 1966 from OldSchoolCool
Once a silver fox, always a silver fox.
My amazing grandparents in the summer of '67, before my grandpa left for Panama (before heading to Vietnam). They were 21 and 23 when this was taken. from OldSchoolCool
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How is that not a frame from a teen movie?
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He has no idea how he got here.
My dad, the Badlands, summer 1971 from OldSchoolCool
This was before men and women were allowed to be photographed together.
Summer, 1926
History is a scary place.
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Catch us if you can!
My uncle and his friend enjoying a Minnesota summer. (1960's) from OldSchoolCool
Picture of my grandfather the summer after he graduated high school.(1962) from OldSchoolCool
There's a kid peeping behind the car. What's his deal?
My great grandmother in the summer of 1940. She's still alive and kicking today! from OldSchoolCool
Even Russia gets in on the beach fun.
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School gets out and summer break begins. Belleville, Illinois, 1974. from OldSchoolCool