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These Poor Choices Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Decisions

One of the hardest things anyone can ever do is make a decision. You can either do this, or you can do that. I mean, who needs that kind of pressure, right? 

Making a decision is so stressful that it is no wonder people sometimes get it wrong. Quite frankly, I'm surprised people ever get it right. You must have a will of steel to deal with all that pressure. 

So I'm not going to judge the following people. I get it. 

Watch and learn.
Take that, skunk!
All the winces.
Those signs exist for a reason.
I'll make it.
Quick! Use this weapon on me!
Explain why this isn't a good idea.
C'mon. Everyone knows athletic careers last forever.
Wow. What a shocker.
Things are moving too quickly.
Well, at least he took care of it.
You don't really need to go past that first sentence.
Always hold out for gentrification.
That is one expensive party.
Don't smoke, kids.
Always prioritize baseball over women.
Never say "no" to free stuff.
You can do better.
Poor kids.
In what world was it worth it?
I'm sure this will have a happy ending.
Things are spiraling out of control.
I watched as my best friend cheated on her husband with some low life. They got divorced, and needless to say the boyfriend on the side almost immediately broke up with her. Now she's misreable, in a terrible relationship with an alcoholic.


How about waiting?
What can you do?
Stop it with the tattoos.
You did this to yourself!
Yeah, but the land was still really good.
The scientific community thanks you.