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25 Diet Tips Not To Follow This Holiday Season

4 months ago

No one can maintain a diet this time of year. No matter where you go someone is always offering free food. And what? You're going to turn down free food? Come on. 

Everyone has their own little tips and tricks to mostly keep it together but they always fall apart because as good as self-control is, how can it even compare to free food.

That being said, those little tips and tricks are still somewhat helpful even if it is only for a single day. Here's the thing though. There are some tips you should never, ever follow. I think its pretty clear which ones those are. 

1. Look it up!
2. They all fall out in the debris.
3. Only bad for you if someone catches you.
4. Why else would they call it that?
5. She wouldn't do that to you.
6. But who's going to stop you?
7. They don't check on dead people.
8. Hopefully you get a lot of gifts.
9. I'm on a strict candy cane diet.
10. This is next year's problem.
11. That'll show him and food.
12. People will start tossing food in.
13. They used to do this all the time in the old country.
14. Chug! Chug! Chug!
15. Good way to work up a sweat.
16. Makes sense to me.
17. Who will find it this year?
18. It has diet right in the name!
19. It is more than you think.
20. I'll never eat again.
21. Those bags are heavy.
22. That's how many wise men there were. So what does that tell you?
23. Gotta take a rest in between eating.
24. Never thought about it like this.
25. Great mouthfeel too.