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21 Tips For The Best Ways To Manage Your Time Efficiently

I live my life in such a way where I feel like I am always busy yet nothing ever gets done. For a while I didn't understand how this was possible and then it hit me. I'm just lazy and bad at managing my time. 

Fortunately some of the good folks on the internet have offered their advice. Most of their advice is just to get off the internet. They've chosen a weird platform to get that message across but, hey, I'll take whatever advice I can get at this point. 

They've also offered some good advice that will allow me to still goof off online but have time for other things. That's the path I will follow.  

1. This is called the "Eat The Frog Method." Yes, really.
2. Why put it off?
3. Always helps to have a plan.
4. Everything takes longer than you think.
5. Get out of bed, do the thing, and then get back in bed.
6. Bonus! Getting off the internet will also help you sleep.
7. Sadly, only the weekends are for fun.
8. Is it worth the cost?
9. Time spent worrying is time wasted.
10. Your friends will be there when you get back.
11. Doctor's orders.
12. Gotta grind that XP.
13. Keep yourself busy.
14. Make a contract with yourself.
15. Do you really want this?
16. Quit the things you love.
17. Routine is key.
18. Plus you'll get to watch the sun rise.
19. Adjust your expectations.
20. That first word says it all.
21. Know your resources.