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Congress Just Made It Legal To Kill Hibernating Bears


I don't hunt, but I understand why people do it. I understand wanting to dominate an animal and get that primal catharsis out. My whole thing, however, is that if you're hunting an animal, just doing it for sport is a pretty whack reason for doing so. If you're going to kill it, eat the poor thing and put it to some use. Hell, if someone killed me just for the hell of it and my death meant nothing more than something for a dude to post on Facebook to prove he's cool to his buddies, then that'd be pretty disgusting.

But let's say you're one of these dudes who's all about the "thrill of the hunt" and tracking down dangerous beasts to slay them for personal enjoyment, then that's your thing. Fine. You'd want a challenge, right? You'd want to be able to use your wiliness to track down an animal, outsmart them, and get the best of the animal to demonstrate man's superiority over the animal kingdom, correct?

Surely a real hunter wouldn't get their rocks off by attacking an animal while they're hibernating, right?