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These Rats Are Helping Raise Rescue Kittens In A Cat Cafe

These Rats Are Helping Raise Rescue Kittens In A Cat Cafe
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11 months ago

The Brooklyn Cat Cafe in Cobble Hill is run by volunteers from the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, but I think it may be powered by cuteness. People Magazine reports that the group opened over a year ago, and though they've gotten plenty of attention for the wonderful work they do with rescued cats, a recent video of interspecies love introduced the world to their innovative techniques. 

In the video, a rat named Emile helps clean some babies who are being fed by bottle at the cafe, and it's so freaking cute:

Emile helps bathe the bottle babies. . . #catcafebk #adoptdontshop #ratsandcats #bottlebabies #kittens #spayandneuter #petrat #emiletherat #BBAWC

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Kinda makes sense. Kittens look a lot like rats, actually.

Plus, sometimes moms need a break.

@Regrann from @caro - Moms just can't have it all. . . #catstagram #catsofinstagram #rescuecat #crazycatlady #catcafe #catcafebk - #regrann

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The Huffington Post reports that it all started when a kitten tested positive for feline leukemia. It couldn't be placed with the other cats, but needed companionship. They found a rat named Ivory who needed a home, and the rest is history.

Etta and Ivory, BFFs.

Posted by Brooklyn Cat Cafe on Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ivory made lots of friends at the cat cafe, before eventually passing away from old age.

And because of Ivory's success, the cafe has brought in new rats, Remy and Emile. Because of the kitten's size, the rats don't fear them, and the kitten's don't want to hunt the rats, though they do like pouncing on their tails.

Remy (grey/white) & Emile (brown) are two new, young rats who are joining the kittens in the terrarium. These boys are so active and playful and they love to share snacks with the kittens. They love vegetables and head scratches. Although rats and cats have adversarial relationships outside the terrarium – inside the kittens are the perfect size to have supervised romp and play sessions with the kittens. Because the rats are not scared of the kittens, they don’t run away and the cats don’t hunt them. However, the kittens are convinced that the rat tails are there primarily for them to play with. Remy and Emile are ok with that so long as the kittens play gently with their tails. These boys were rescued and lovingly raised by HALT.  Helping All Little Things is a small animal rescue serving New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. It is run by is run by Danielle Challender, Jimmy Clark and Ericka Chadbourne, who have decided to open their homes and hearts to neglected, abused and unwanted small animals. Working in conjunction with foster homes, shelters and other rescues, they find permanent loving homes for animals such as guinea pigs, chinchillas and hamsters. If you are looking to adopt a small animal we recommend you check out the wonderful small mammals that they have who are looking for homes! Watch Remy, Emile, and the kittens on our Kitten Cam! CatCafebk.com/kitten-cam . . #catcafebk #adoptdontshop #HALT #ratrescue #catsandrats #kittencam #BBAWC

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The kittens are all up for adoption, but the rats are permanent residents. You can take home one and not the other, if you're still not won over by how cute the rodents are!

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