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26 Zoos Share Their Most Unexpectedly Cute Animals

26 Zoos Share Their Most Unexpectedly Cute Animals
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8 months ago

Part of what's fun about zoos is that we get to see what animals look like in person... or in animal. Some of them look like what we expect and others are wildly different. Some are big hideous monsters and others are actually pretty cute. 

Recently, zoos from all across the country began tweeting out some of their surprisingly cute inhabitants using the hashtag #UnexpectedlyCute

You might think that snakes and stingrays are creepy, crawly creatures but you'll be singing a different tune once you get the chance to know them. 

1. Not an owl.
2. Cute but not cuddly.
3. Just look at that face, I think.
4. This reverse owl.
5. Who knew crocodiles could be so cute?
6. He's going to set up a kissing booth.
7. This cute stinker.
8. Pretty sure that snake is smiling.
9. A cute animal eating in a cute way.
10. Hey. If that's what you like.
11. What kind of monster doesn't think this is cute?
12. Big ol' hugs.
13. Hey there.
14. More handsome than cute.
15. Say cheese!
16. Anyone want this?
17. You lookin' at me?
18. Yum!
19. Can we take this again?
20. Who are we kidding? This was pretty expected.
21. Gimme a big hug!
22. It hypnotizes you with its cuteness!
23. Having a cuddle party with yourself.
24. Huh.
25. How can something so little smell so bad?
26. That is one wealthy frog.
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