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This Cat And Dog Adventure Duo Is Basically 'Milo And Otis' In Real Life

This Cat And Dog Adventure Duo Is Basically 'Milo And Otis' In Real Life
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8 months ago

Cynthia adopted her doggy, Henry, back in 2014. She naturally took the little guy out for his first outdoor adventure a few days after bringing him home.

It turns out they were a match made in heaven, because Henry immediately found the largest rock he could find and climbed it, utterly fearless.

She wanted another addition to her family, but this time, she wanted to adopt a cat. After a few months, she found an adorable Siamese-mix kitten named Baloo.

Now you might not believe in fate, but the fact that she managed to not only find a cat that totally got along with Henry, but also loves hiking and the great outdoors, has certainly got me thinking that Cynthia is the luckiest person in the world. 

Henry and Baloo are the best of friends, and love nothing more than journeying out in nature together as a family.

Baloo often rides Henry.

And sometimes functions as the pupper's hat.

Baloo is also not afraid to venture out on his own sometimes, either.

They're also really, really into cuddling.

Oh, yeah. Here they are dressed up as dinosaurs, in case you thought they couldn't be any cuter together.

You can follow their adventures on their instagram account, @henrythecoloradodog. Cynthia writes that "with every adventure [they] share, they grow that much closer" and judging by how sweet they are, it's pretty clear that she's not lying.

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