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These Old School Photos Will Show You New Ways To Have Fun This Summer

By Zachary Brenner

Kids these days, am I right? What with their iPhones and whatnot. When I was your age, phones had buttons... Except for the ones that didn't. They were called radial phones. Look them up! And look at you now. You are all too busy on your phones to enjoy summer properly. We used to know how to enjoy summer and looked damn fine doing it. 

Back in my day, if you wanted to have fun outside, you would have to go outside. You couldn't just Google pictures of people hiking. You had to do that yourself. 

If you wanted to go swimming, you had to go swimming. We didn't have fancy bathtubs, like you kids. 

And if you wanted to go on a bicycle, that bicycle went places. No spin classes for us! 

So, if you want to be real cool this summer, take note.