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Wendy's And Pure Water Got Into A Sign Fight And Their Town Can't Get Enough


Wendy's is notorious for having an amazing come back game. Prior to Wendy's decision to up their social media game, you probably never would've equated savage Twitter roasts with fast food before. They're just the masters at going after other places who have something snarky to say, and they always end up winning. We're not sure how they do it but they always push the right buttons when it comes to the savage clapback. It seems now they're taking it to the real world by going after other establishments in towns.  Granted, everyone loves a good rivalry. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Batman vs. Superman. A Wendy's in Lubbock, TX vs. a small independent tea house across the street. You might be unfamiliar with that last one. I'll explain.  

It started out innocently enough, with Wendy's talking about their fresh beef. Pure Water apparently took that as a threat.