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Source: Shelby47321

21 Ways People Are Celebrating National Pumpkin Day

By Zachary Brenner

Today is National Pumpkin Day or as the internet calls it, #NationalPumpkinDay. It's the one day a year where you can declare your undying and unconditional love for pumpkins and have it not be weird. It's also another great excuse to take part in some pumpkin spice. As if we totally needed more of that.

Like, if you were to say, "I'd happily trade my first born son for a pumpkin spice latte," that'd normally be weird unless you were to say that on October 26th. Then everyone would smile and nod in agreement. 

That might seem like an extreme example but you know what? That's how I feel and I am free from judgement today. Just like these fine pumpkin-loving folks.