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30 Figure Skaters Caught Making The Weirdest Expressions

30 Figure Skaters Caught Making The Weirdest Expressions
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4 months ago

Figure skating is a sport defined by its elegance. Its grace. It's a celebration of the beauty of the human form and what it can accomplish.

Gliding on ice, hitting impossible moves, watching someone figure skate is a truly beautiful experience.

Plus it's pretty cool to see them jump while wearing knife shoes.

However all of this elegance comes at a price. Because at the end of the day, it's a living, breathing, walking, talking, human being pulling off these moves. And if there's one thing the history of humanity has taught us about our species is that we are really, really weird.

Like really weird. So it only makes sense that figure skaters make some pretty incredibly hilarious looking faces while performing these moves.

Hey, if you wanna go after world records, it's not always going to be pretty.

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