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Parents Share the Weirdest Things Their Kids Have Bragged About


Little kids have so much undeserved confidence. It's part of what makes them so hilarious. They love to talk about themselves and brag about the most random, weirdest things. A recent AskReddit thread asked the parents of Reddit to share the best "weird flex but OK" moments they've seen from their own kids. These are some of the funniest stories you will read today.

Source: iStock Photo

ONCETWICENEVER has a three-year-old daughter who loves to poop in the backyard without anyone knowing. For weeks, they picked it up wondering why the dog's poop looked so weird. One day, they looked out the window where both of their daughters were playing in the yard. The three-year-old bent down and started pooping, and her five-year-old sister started spraying her with the water hose "as soon as the log hit the ground." That's an image they will never forget.