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Rex Tillerson Turns On President Trump When Talking About American Values On Live TV

Rex Tillerson Turns On President Trump When Talking About American Values On Live TV
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10 months ago

It seems like more and more people from Trump's administration are distancing themselves from the Donald, and it's not hard to see why. With his abysmal response to the Charlottesville attack, to his obsession with waging a war on the media, there are just too many gaffes and embarrassments to count for the recently-elected President now.

As a result, it looks the people who voted for him are losing interest, too. Just take a look at the size of the crowd at his recent rally in Arizona.

But now it looks like one of the most powerful members of Trump's cabinet, former Exxon President and current Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, may be parting ways with the President with this carefully measured statement he gave in an interview with Fox News.

Yes, that's right. The Secretary of State said that the President of the United States doesn't speak for American values, but for himself only. Now the statement could be seen innocently enough, but look at how Tillerson delivered it.

People are already predicting a not-so-Presidential reaction from Trump.

And it got people talking about what Tillerson could've meant by the comment, and if he was even right to say it in the first place.

Others said that journalist Chris Wallace was taken aback by what Tillerson said.

While some are wondering how Trump is going to try and spin this.

But no matter which way you slice it, it's likely not a good look for Trump.

Not good at all.

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