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Police In This Country Have Hoverbikes And They're Legitimately Amazing

Police In This Country Have Hoverbikes And They're Legitimately Amazing
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Updated 7 months ago

It's no secret that America has fallen behind the rest of the world when it comes to technology.

While nations like Sweden have virtually eliminated garbage by turning it into energy, successfully killing two birds with one stone, or Norway planning to ban all petrol-powered cars by 2025 to spur greater innovation towards electric vehicles, or Dubai's massive solar city, America is still relying heavily on gas and petrol to power its country. Not to mention that parts of the US have been rendered uninhabitable with toxic superfund waste disposal sites, and our sluggish crawl towards renewable energy resources is completely laughable.

It also doesn't help that our president is pushing for jobs in an energy industry that is not only harmful to the planet, but has resulted in a surge of human deaths since a record low under Obama in 2016. It kind of makes you wonder just what the heck we're doing wrong here on our side of the shore. I'm no genius, but I think it'd had to do with a bunch of corporations not wanting to change their operating procedures so they can generate short-term profits with pre-existing processes because they don't want to put the work in to actually innovate something.

So when I see what Dubai's police officers are soon going to be riding around on to patrol traffic, it makes me even angrier that America's behind other industrialized nations.

I mean, just look at awesome these things are.

The bikes look like a carefully balanced menagerie of ultra-powered flying drones and they're developed by Russian company Hoversurf.

The particular model that's causing such a hullabaloo on Twitter is the Scorpion 3.

Even though these things are capable of reaching some impressive heights and can travel up to 43 miles per hour, you don't need any special qualifications to ride one. Many countries don't require you to have a special pilot's license to operate aircrafts that are under 250 kilograms - the Scorpion 3 weighs in at 229 kg with its battery.

Oh yeah, about the battery. The hovercraft can only travel for 20 minutes on a single fully charged one, so don't plan on taking any long trips with it. But the battery does charge in three hours, so if you have a short commute to work and want to bypass rush hour traffic and live in an area that doesn't get that much precipitation and you have a few thousand dollars to spare, this big toy might be for you.

And it looks like plenty of people are already planning on getting one for themselves.

Whether it's by becoming a cop in Dubai to get some of that sweet hoverbike action...

..or just to fight off the Empire.

Other people had the same idea I did, I mean come on, how satisfying would it be to glide over the poor schlubs waiting to take the exit?

Other people were reminded of a terrifying, fictional dystopian futures.

Others are just impressed at what humanity's been able to accomplish.

I mean yeah, people are going to inevitably dream of action movie scenarios.

But dangers be damned, I still want one!

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