If You’re Not Using This Pokemon to Catch Darkrai, You’re Doing It Wrong

Trying to catch a Darkrai in 'Pokemon Go?' Here are the best monsters to use in the raid against

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Oct. 24 2021, Published 9:21 a.m. ET

Best Pokemon to use against Darkrai
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Some games are the gift that just keeps on giving. With tons of updates, new modes, characters to play, additional areas to explore that are added over time, you could really have just a handful of titles and enjoy them for years on end. GTA Online, Fortnite, and Pokemon Go! are some pretty great examples, especially if you opt for premium memberships.

Speaking of the latter title, gamers are vying to capture a special version of Darkrai until its (presumably) gone forever, but what's the best Pokemon to use against the legendary creature for this little venture?

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What's the best Pokemon to use against Darkrai?

Just like its name indicates, Darkrai is a, you guessed it, Dark Type Pokemon, which means that its weak against Fighting, Fairy, and Bug-Type Pokemon attacks. If you've captured Mega Absol, you're going to want to implement a very similar strategy in fighting/capturing Dark Rai.

So if you're trying to get yourself a Darkrai and you have a Mega Beedrill all juiced up to the gills and ready to get their battle on, you're already in good shape. Make sure Beedrill's got Bug Bit and X-Scissor, as these attacks will do some significant damage to Darkrai. In case you forgot, Mega Beedrill's presence on the team will also increase the bug-based attacks of other Pokemon in your roster, too.

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You'll also benefit greatly by putting Heracross in the line-up as the Megahorn move is super devastating and this Pokemon also has the ability to use counter which is an awesome quick-hit Fighting-type move to mess Darkrai up with. You can pretty much put any Pokemon that have Fighting, Bug, and Fairy-type moves; Charm also works exceptionally well.

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So for fighting type Pokemon that are good against Darkrai: Machamp, Conkeldurr, Lucario, and Hariyama are all awesome picks. Granbull and Togekiss are some good Fairy Pokemon to bring to the fight, but there's a reason why you might be better off utilizing just Bug and Fighting types.

Source: Twitter | @garnerc97
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That's because Darkrai has the Sludge Bomb move.

Between Friday, October 22, 2021 and November 5, 2021 Darkrai will be available to encounter in raids where players will get a chance to nab the legendary Pokemon.

If you do so during the event, then you'll get a Darkrai with Sludge Bomb, which isn't great news for anyone hoping to employ the use of a Fairy type Pokemon in a battle against this wondrous beast.

When you fight Darkrai, the monster has two separate fast attacks, but they're both Dark-type moves: Feint Attack and Snarl, so Fairy type Pokemon should be OK. But it's the charge-type moves that'll really get you in trouble: Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, and of course, Sludge Bomb.

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Source: Twitter | @tigerinstinct7

And if you wanted a handy-dandy guide on which Pokemon you should use against Darkrai and the moves they should be equipped with, here you go:

  • Mega Beedrill: X-Scissor, Bug Bite
  • Heracross: Megahorn, Counter
  • Togekiss: Dazzling Gem, Charm
  • Hariyama: Dynamic Punch, Counter
  • Conkeldurr: Dynamic Punch, Counter
  • Granbull: Rough Play, Charm
  • SirFetchd: Close Combat, Counter
  • Breloom: Dynamic Punch, Counter
  • Lucario: Aura Sphere, Counter
  • Machamp: Dynamic Punch, Counter
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If you're wondering if Darkrai can be shiny, well....

There are already some reports of Pokemon Go users capturing shiny darkrai. They've uploaded photos of the feat: apparently 1 in every 20 Darkrais are shiny so if you embark on enough Darkrai raids, then there's a good chance you can nab yourself the special monster.

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What's Darkrai's catch rate?

The best chance you have at capturing a Darkrai, according to Thonky is with a Level Ball (assuming your Pokemon four times greater than Darkrai's) and if you get the monster's HP low, and hit with Freeze and/or Sleep status effects, there's an 18% chance you'll get the monster with each Level Ball thrown.

Meeting the same conditions but with the Poison or Burn status effect, you'll have a 13% chance of netting Darkrai.

If you don't meet the Level Ball requirements, then you'll have to use a Nest Ball, and then you'll only have a 9% chance of securing Darkrai's capture.

Have you tried to capture the Legendary Pokemon yet? If so, how did you make out?

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