Green and Purple "Aliens" Are Fighting on 'GTA Online'

TikTok has become overloaded with videos of green and purple aliens creating chaos and fighting, dubbed the green vs. purple battle. But what is it?

Sara Belcher - Author

May 8 2020, Updated 2:57 p.m. ET

GTA Online
Source: Twitter

If you take a scroll through YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram right now, you'll probably find a few videos of people donned in either green or purple alien suits, fighting each other and causing chaos. The feud, dubbed "green vs. purple," is rapidly taking over these social media sites, confusing users across the platforms.

But what is the green vs. purple battle, and where did it start?

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The green vs. purple tag originated from 'GTA Online.'

To understand the weird green vs purple competition going around the internet, you have to understand where it came from. The original war between the colors started on GTA Online, when a mysterious gang dressed in all green started going around terrorizing other players. What started as just a random group of characters bludgeoning other players with baseball bats morphed into something new with the introduction of alien costumes.

GTA Online
Source: Twitter
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The all-green gangs then turned into green alien gangs, who would do the same things: go around in the game and attack other players with baseball bats unwarranted. This roleplay group had taken over the game, causing frequent chaos.

While it's still mildly annoying to other players, the addition of green alien costumes made the attacks more amusing — imagine minding your own business in GTA Online when aliens come out of nowhere and attack you, only to flee moments later. While mildly annoying, the fact that the characters are aliens makes it funnier.

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green vs purple
Source: Twitter

But the trend continued to morph, with other players donning purple alien costumes instead of green to counter the green alien gangs. Instead of going around terrorizing other players, though, these purple aliens sometimes acted as vigilantes, fixing the messes the green aliens left behind or just going to war with the green aliens.

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This sparked the feud between green vs. purple, prompting players to pick a side between the green aliens or the purple ones. Which side are you on — the good or the bad?

The timing of this trend is perfect, considering the Pentagon just confirmed previously classified UFO footage — so it's only natural that aliens have begun to integrate the video game.

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The popular feud has spilled onto other social platforms.

Huge fans of the game have taken the feud one step further, organizing gatherings of green or purple aliens in public to recreate some of the chaos they would create in the game or staging fights between bands of green and purple aliens. These players will dress up in body suits of their chosen side's color, taking videos of the staged brawls and sharing them on YouTube, TikTok, and other places.

Those who aren't meeting up in public instead are sharing their in-game brawls on the social platforms, staging the fights for views.

According to Polygon, the trend has divided players, and while the green alien group has a large following, the purple aliens are rapidly catching up. The green aliens have 14.2 million players, while the purple alien gang has 7.2 million members.

But the competition is getting heated between the groups as they continue to cause chaos — in the game and in person.

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