You Can Get This Powerful Summoning Spirit Early on in 'Elden Ring'

The Summoning Spirits are a huge help in 'Elden Ring' — but how do you summon the Banished Knight Oleg in the game? Here's our guide.

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 26 2022, Published 9:06 a.m. ET

Throughout your journey in the Lands Between in Elden Ring, you're bound to face more than one foe who will challenge both your skill and your patience (as is the case with most FromSoftware games). Thankfully, players can receive assistance from spirits through summoning ashes in the game, giving them someone to call on in the heat of battle to help through the particularly difficult bosses.

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Every player is given a set of Lone Wolf ashes to start, but there are plenty of other ashes available that offer powers and assistance different than the Lone Wolf ashes do. One of these is the Banished Knight Oleg.

This Summon Spirit is powerful enough to help you further in your play, though the game's non-linear playstyle means you'll have to find it. Here's our guide on how to find and summon the Banished Knight Oleg.

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Where to find the Banished Knight Oleg in 'Elden Ring.'

Thankfully, you won't have to travel far past the starting area to find these ashes. When you exit the Stranded Graveyard (which is where you complete the game's tutorial), you can find the Fringefolk Hero's grave immediately to the west.

Unfortunately, you can't just rush there immediately after starting the game because you need two Stonesword Keys to get in. You can collect one as a Keepsake when you build your character, but you will have to hunt down at least one.

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Once you have the Stonesword Keys, though, you can enter the building by interacting with the Imp Statue outside the building. You will then have to maneuver around both the pit of poison that greets you upon entry and the Giant Chariot that will attempt to squash you.

Eventually, you will reach an intersection where you'll be able to choose whether you go to the left or the right. Go left until you find the fog wall, and then defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss.

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Once you've done all of this, you will unlock the Banished Knight Oleg. As mentioned before, this won't be a spirit that you'll be able to get right away, though once you've leveled up a bit to prepare for your fight against the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, you should be able to navigate this with little problem.

Here's how to summon the Banished Knight Oleg in battle.

Summoning the Banished Knight Oleg isn't any different than summoning other spirits during a battle. As we stated in our guide on Summoning Spirits, you'll have to wait until you've been given the appropriate icon before you can call the spirit of choice into battle. Then, just use the Spirit Calling Bell and your spirit of choice will appear at your side to help tackle the enemies.

While the Banished Knight Oleg doesn't deal a lot of damage in battle, it's his sturdy nature that makes him a good summon to have on your journey through the Lands Between. He can take a decent amount of damage from enemies and even help stagger them so you can get your own attacks in — or distract them long enough for you to replenish your own health.

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