Here's How to Get the 'Free Guy' Emote in 'Fortnite'

The 'Free Guy' is the latest emote addition to 'Fortnite' and with just a few simple tasks, it can be yours for ... well, free! Here's what to know.

Chris Barilla - Author

Aug. 13 2021, Published 1:07 p.m. ET

'Free Guy'
Source: Epic Games

Avid fans of Fortnite are likely familiar with the fact that most of the coolest character emotes available to players cost a certain amount of v-bucks (the in-game currency), and are only available for a certain amount of time. In the case of the game's latest addition, dubbed Free Guy after the new Ryan Reynolds film, the paywall for the emote has been removed. However, fans will still have to complete a certain set of tasks to unlock it as a usable element for their character.

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So, how exactly do you get the Free Guy emote in Fortnite, and what tasks are needed in order to make it happen? Keep reading for a complete breakdown of the latest crossover addition to the hit battle royale game.

Ryan Reynolds
Source: 20th Century Studios
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How do you get the 'Free Guy' emote in 'Fortnite'? The game's latest movie crossover explained.

Following the likes of other famous names and films that Fortnite has partnered up with in the past such as Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, and Star Wars, the game has now struck up a partnership with the producers of Free Guy, the forthcoming video game-focused feature film starring Ryan Reynolds. This partnership sees the inclusion of not only the new emote but various related elements to the film being strewn about the map.

"Meet Guy. He’s just your ordinary, everyday … nevermind," reads the official press release about the partnership from Epic Games. "Guy’s just learned his life as a bank teller isn’t exactly what he thought. He’s actually a background player in an open-world game. So now he’s arriving in Fortnite?"

The release then explains how players will have to complete a certain set of tasks within the game to unlock the emote. Don't worry, we've compiled them all here for you.

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Source: Epic Games

The challenges that need to be completed to unlock the 'Free Guy' emote in 'Fortnite' are fairly straightforward.

In order to add the Free Guy emote to your roster, players must visit the new ATMs that have sprung up at virtually every point of interest and gas station within the Fortnite map. There are five specific quests that must be completed, each prompted by a video of Ryan Reynolds at the ATM locations. They don't need to be done in any particular order, but all must be completed at one point or another to unlock the emote.

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To start off, players are tasked with being hit by a vehicle within the game. This may seem like an odd request, but it's fairly doable if you have some knowledge of how the in-game vehicles work. If you can't wait around for someone else to hit you with a car, the easiest way to do it yourself is to build a ramp at least three blocks high, put the car in reverse, and run out towards the bottom. The character will likely move faster than the car, meaning it will hit you when it reaches the bottom.

Another challenge players must complete is to be dealt melee damage by an opponent within the game. This is fairly straightforward as well, but there isn't any way to complete it totally on your own. Players must either wait for an actual enemy to deal melee damage on them or find an NPC (character, animal, etc.) and let them deal damage on you.

Considering animals are the only characters in the game that don't have weapons, they're likely the easiest bet to get this done.

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The next quest players must accept is to place coins all around the map, referencing the movie character's job as a bank teller. There are various locations where coins can be placed, but a few stand out as easier than others.

The first location is right on the sidewalk directly to the north of the Holly Hatchery garden center, one of the main places of interest on the map.

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Another coin drop location can be found directly in front of the entrance to the Believer Beach pier and boardwalk. Following that, a third location can be found on the sidewalk outside of the Believer Beach hotel, closer to the parking lot.

Once all of the coins have been placed, the next challenge is the easiest one yet. All players have to do is find any NPC on the map and engage them in conversation. Doing that will complete the challenge.

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Last but not least, players will have to reboot/revive a teammate or make use of a campfire. For team players, this challenge is a common occurrence, as teammates are downed and need to be revived quite frequently. As a solo player, this can also be completed by gathering 30 wood and lighting a campfire to self-heal after being dealt damage.

Doing so will award the person who did the final challenge and unlock the Free Guy emote the next time your locker is opened.

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