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These 37 Amazing Images Created By Shadows Turn Ordinary Objects Into Art

Did you ever make shadow puppets as a kid? I feel like everyone did at least once. There is something oddly satisfying about using shadows, rather than light, to create an image. 

Who knows why that is? Perhaps it is because it is the opposite of what we've been trained to see. Perhaps it is because it feels powerful to bend light to our will. Whatever the case may be, shadows are pretty cool.

Check out these images below that go beyond your simple shadow puppets. 

1. Who needs all those letters?
This shadow is more legible than its source from mildlyinteresting
2. Oh! That's what's that's called.
The shadow correctly labels this dog from mildlyinteresting
3. The best, most luxurious towels.
The shadow from my towel rack looks like Donald Trump
4. Welcome to the Labyrinth.
The shadow from this mounted Bulls head looks like it has a human body. from mildlyinteresting
5. We're under attack!
a couple days out of the year a mountain in my hometown casts a shadow that looks like a cougar attacking its prey from mildlyinteresting
6. Rude!
The shadow of this gate looks like it says ass
7. Planes are magic.
My plane's shadow on this cloud with a halo around it from mildlyinteresting
8. Release your inner animal!
The cameramen's shadow looks like a labrador. from mildlyinteresting
9. What could have been in another life.
Pen made of recycled water bottles casts a shadow of a water bottle. from mildlyinteresting
10. That shadow is misplaced in time.
My friends shadow looks like she's going through the photos on her camera. from mildlyinteresting
11. Shadow is loading.
The shadow of this tree looks like it was poorly rendered from mildlyinteresting
12. Get out of here. You weren't there.
The shadow on his shirt makes it look like the guy in the back is badly photoshopped into the picture. from mildlyinteresting
13. This is unnerving.
The shadows of these windows make an optical illusion from mildlyinteresting
14. Where should we go?
My dog's shadow makes an almost perfect arrow. from mildlyinteresting
15. That's one way to convey information.
The room numbers at my hotel are shadows.
16. I knew they were real!
My dog's shadow turned me into a centaur. from mildlyinteresting
17. That is one smart shadow.
The shadow lines up with the tiles from mildlyinteresting
18. So stylish.
Shadow gives this mannequin a fablulous moustache. from mildlyinteresting
19. Don't you dare move, Sun!
The way this shadow perfectly matches the sideline on a turf field. from mildlyinteresting
20. Oh. Yeah. I could see that.
These flowers at my parent's place cast a squirrel shadow
21. Is that a real car?
The shadow this truck is casting from mildlyinteresting
22. You mean chicken breast, right?
The shadow of this Breakfast sign says "BREAST" from mildlyinteresting
23. His body is a face.
My friend's shadow looks like the profile of a man's face from mildlyinteresting
24. We take the city with us.
The way this cargo ship's shadow looks like a city skyline from oddlysatisfying
25. So many keys!
Fence shadow looks like a piano from oddlysatisfying
26. It's like they were made for each other.
This shadow lines up too perfectly
27. Perfection.
This shadow on this pavement from oddlysatisfying
28. Can you guess what animals are casting these?
Camels cast shadows as they cross the salt flats on Lake Assal in Djibouti from oddlysatisfying
29. One is for going up. The other going down.
Shadow of A Staircase from oddlysatisfying
30. Definition of mostly sunny.
This lil cloud and its lil shadow from oddlysatisfying
31. It's beautiful!
Dodecahedron shadows from oddlysatisfying
32. This train is now entering hyperspace.
Shadows on a train from oddlysatisfying
33. Look at that gradation.
The shadows my desk lights make from oddlysatisfying
34. How many pigeons do you see here?
Pigeon shadows [x-post /r/woahdude from oddlysatisfying
36. Shadows are deadly.
Sharp Shadow from oddlysatisfying
37. Hey there, little guy!
The shadow on this coat hook at work