'Dredge' Boat sailing nearby islands during a cloudy and sunny day.
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Where to Find All the Skill Books and Their Bonuses in 'Dredge'

Players should make it a priority to find all the skills books in 'Dredge.' They will make rods more efficient, boost engine speed, and more by reading them.

Anthony Jones - Author

Apr. 21 2023, Published 5:22 p.m. ET

Besides improving the boat and venturing into new yet mysterious regions in Dredge, players will occasionally earn skill books that can make rods better a reeling in fish, improve panic resistance, and more.

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Players can obtain books by completing Pursuits or talking to NPCs throughout the cosmic horror fishing game.

If you're trying to gather all the books and want to know what each gives you, here's everything you should know.

'Dredge' Menu screens showing the bookshelf and storage locker for players to use.
Source: Black Salt Games
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All books, their benefits, and how to find them in 'Dredge':

There are 12 skill books that you can collect in Dredge with neat bonuses to make exploration, dredging, and nighttime less daunting. However, simply gathering the books doesn't automatically give you passive bonuses.

You must read them gradually by traveling over the map and doing activities, which will slowly build up progress until they're finished. Below are multiple lists showing every book, their respective bonuses, and how to find them:

BookBonusWhere to Find It
Sustainable FishingGives a 10% chance to not reduce fish stocks when catching a fish with a rod.Complete the Package Delivery Pursuit from the Mayor of Greater Morrow.
Rods, Reels, and RigsMakes rods reel fish in 10% more effectively.Complete Caught to Order Pursuit from Fishmonger in Greater Morrow.
Correct Engine OperationEngines provide 5% more movement speed than listed.Speak with the Shipwright in Greater Marrow.
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The Engineer's CompanionEquipment types that use durability lose durability 10% slower.Complete A Place to Rest Pursuit from the Builder in Greater Morrow.
The Relaxed MindGives a 10% resilience to panic.Speak with the Trader in Little Marrow twice on separate days.
Getting Over It With Mind and BodyIncreased panic resilience by 15%Complete the Crave Courier Pursuit from the Courier inside a boat located at I10 on the map.
'Dredge' Boat approaching a shipwreck on an island with a treasure chest.
Source: Black Salt Games
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Art of the Silver TongueIncreases sell prices and reduce buy prices by 10%.Speak with the Traveling Merchant in Gale Cliffs and Stellar Basin.
A Plan for the Future15% chance to not reduce fish stocks when catching a fish with a rod.Complete the Research Assistant Pursuit in Stellar Basin.
Haggling and Bartering: A GuideReduces buy prices and increases sell prices by 5%.Complete the Figure in Blue Pursuit located at M7 on the map.

Nautical EngineeringEquipment types will lose durability 15% slower.Complete the Figure in Red Pursuit located at L14 on the map.
Pushing the Limit: EnginesAll engines provide 7.5% more movement speed than described.Complete the Figure in Purple Pursuit located at E9 on the map.
Advanced FishingRods reel in fish 15% more effectively.Complete the Figure in Gold Pursuit located at K2 on the map.
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'Dredge' The mysterious Collector standing the doorway of an abandoned home.
Source: Black Salt Games

With all the books read, Dredge will be a much easier game, but you will still have to deal with its challenging sides and eerie nightfall activities if you're not careful!

Dredge is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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