NoPixel Banned xQc From Their Server for a Third Time

After multiple run-ins with moderators, it seems xQc can't get along with those who run the NoPixel server. So, why did he get banned this time?

Chris Barilla - Author

Apr. 5 2021, Published 12:25 p.m. ET

Felix "xQc" Lengyel
Source: Twitter

Famed Grand Theft Auto streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel has seemingly landed himself in some hot water yet again on the NoPixel 3.0 server. This time, his rule-breaking has resulted in a permanent ban from the platform.

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This isn't the gamer's first run-in with NoPixel police, however, as he has pretty consistently bent the rules to his liking since joining the server. These actions, among others, have made him a known divisive force within the Grand Theft Auto streaming sphere. So, why did xQc get banned from NoPixel this time around? Here's a breakdown of all of the known details surrounding the decision.

xqc banned for stream
Source: Twitter
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Why was xQc banned from NoPixel? He allegedly encouraged harassment.

It seems as though xQc's third ban from the NoPixel 3.0 server came down to him allegedly encouraging the harassment of other players. When NoPixel's in-game police sentenced xQc to serve 224 months in jail on the server, the gamer was not happy (to say the least). Through multiple points in his livestream, xQc suggested that his fans should bombard the chats of other players in the stream, harassing them for his freedom.

This move is a breach of the server's rules and thus ended up in xQc being banned. However, this decision wasn't made hastily off simply one wrongdoing. The player has been accused of and punished for multiple other instances of misconduct on the server in the past. Given that context, the choice to permanently ban him isn't hard to understand.

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why was xqc banned in the past
Source: Twitter

This isn't the first time xQc has been in trouble on the NoPixel server.

The first time xQc was banned, it wasn't for a very severe infraction, and it only resulted in a short stint away from the game. He allegedly broke a small in-game rule, and the moderators decided to punish him for it. However, the second time around, xQc did something that caused a bit more trouble.

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He used a glitch that some players found within the server to somehow smuggle a weapon into the police station. The exploit he showcased directly affected the meta of the game and resulted in him being handed a more serious punishment this time around. Finally, xQc's most recent ban stemmed from another altercation with the in-game police. Although the decision to ban him came down after he encouraged fans to spam other players, his 224-month jail sentence was the result of a wholly different crime.

xqc attacked police officer
Source: Twitter

The streamer received the incredibly long sentence for attacking an in-game police officer who shared information regarding an assault that xQc didn't like. He was promptly caught for the crime, brought to the jail, and sentenced to the 224-month-long term. Given his rocky history with the server's moderators, it's uncertain whether xQc will ever be allowed back on NoPixel 3.0.

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