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Girl Reunites With Childhood Crush After Posting Hilarious Throwback Of Her Hair

By Mustafa Gatollari

There's something undeniably magical about your childhood. No matter how old you get, there are some defining moments in your life that stand out forever. Be it embarrassing haircuts, or perhaps the way you dressed for you year book photo. We always seemed to find really horrible ways to immortalize how awkward it was to be a kid. I mean if we all look back -- we could probably find some pictures that would make us ask why on earth Mom let us go to school like that or how we all ended up taking a picture with our brothers and sisters piled into a bathtub. 

It's these moments that are honestly something we should cherish when we look back at life. That is, if you have a thick enough skin.

For twitter user @urchicahanna, it was a regrettable hairstyle choice her mother picked out for her. It's certainly something we can relate to: