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Source: twitter

17 'First Of All' Memes For People Who Can't Control Their Sassiness


Memes are an important part of society in 2017. It's such a big trend that even big companies are investing in them. Twitter profiles like Wendy's and McDonalds spend big bucks to hire people to create hilarious concepts for their companies. And being sassy is a big part of that. You can thank Wendy's in particular for this trend as they are the king of Twitter memes and burns. It's caused a lot of companies to attempt mimicking their success and sometimes it just comes off really, really cringey. You can always tell too when companies are trying their best to be hip but have no idea how the memes work.

Whenever a new meme drops, you definitely want to make sure you're using it correctly. Or else you come off creating something just awful and off-base with said meme. And of course you don't want to use it wrong in front of thousands of people. In today's internet something like that you'll never live it down. So don't be the un-cool company like this well-intended travesty.

Source: reddit

You don't want to be on the embarrassing end of a meme disaster, so before you go and start getting in on the "first of all" meme that's trending on Twitter, take a look at the following examples below so you don't end up like the peeps who uploaded that pitiful Wonka meme above. Cause the last thing you want to look like is an unculture memer. You'll never live it down.